Associate Team
Alan, Pete & John, while continuing to work in their individual fields, collaborated on several training projects. Their combined skills and experience led not only to high quality delivery but also innovative, creative thinking.
They formed CLADA to drive forward the agenda of new, co-operative approaches in the widest range of contexts.
Alan Wilkins is an experienced facilitator, trainer and educationalist.
Alan became a freelance consultant in 2001 after being Head of Learning and a senior manager at the Co-operative College, a national training and development director for the School Curriculum Industry Partnership (SCIP), a regional SCIP director and an LEA education-industry co-ordinator. He has also taught in two secondary schools and was once an engineering apprentice.
Alan is recognised for his project management and creative design and delivery of learning and development solutions. His effective client-centred approach enables organisations to identify their mission, values and vision; and individuals and groups to remove blockages to change.

He has 20 years experience working on diverse education, training and research projects in the UK, Sweden, Namibia, Lesotho and South Africa. He has recently completed three evaluation assignments and two research projects.

His work in the education sector includes working with teachers, college and school students, industrialists and partnership link managers on projects such as evaluating work-related learning, consultancy of 16-19 citizenship programmes and co-operative approaches to enterprise.

In the co-operative and social enterprise field, Alan has worked with directors, members, executives, managers and trainers. Topics have included strategic planning, management and leadership, benchmarking practice, values and cultural change.

Alan is a founder member of CLADA

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Peter Duncan has a reputation for creative and innovative training, drawing influences from many sources. His energetic style is memorable and inspiring.

Peter has a long history of involvement in co-operative education. He worked at the West Glamorgan co-operative development agency, then researched and led an eight year co-operative education initiative in local welsh schools.

Peter was a founder member of Dynamix Ltd, a Swansea based worker co-operative of experienced trainers committed to co-operation, inclusion and children’s rights.

Whilst at Dynamix he worked in over 300 schools throughout the UK and Europe. He continues to be active in planning, supporting and facilitating sessions at co-operative conferences throughout England and Scotland.

Peter set up Co-train in 2004 to pursue new interests. He has recently worked with The Welsh Assembly, Funky Dragon, and Save the Children to develop programmes on consultation, participation and peer education; and designed and run specialised 'train the trainers' courses in the education, play and voluntary sectors.

Current projects include:

Working with UNICEF on participation courses Tanzania
Training education staff for developing school councils
Working with Playwales on new play work training courses.
Peter is a founder member of CLADA
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John Holland is well known for his charismatic style. He brings his humour, experience and empathy into any learning or training event. He has worked in the field of education for almost 30 years.

John trained as a teacher of Drama and French and remained at his first school for the duration of his full-time career. During this time he also taught English, PSE, Citizenship, Sexual Health and Careers. He became a Year Team leader and then progressed to the role of assistant head teacher with responsibility for behaviour management, community links and all pastoral issues.

John worked in the local Youth Service, alongside his teaching career, feeling it important to know and understand his clients in a variety of contexts.

He became involved in co-operative learning after attending the annual co-operative conference in 1996. He discovered that the same values and principles that underpinned his work were alive and flourishing. He continued to develop and incorporate more co-operative techniques into both his teaching and management.

In 2002, John chose to become a full-time educational consultant, committed to sharing and encouraging co-operative techniques. He has been involved in a wide range of training that includes the successful development of a positive behaviour transition project in primary and secondary schools, several major enterprise projects and a popular management course for senior and middle managers. He assisted in the creation of a co-operative training enterprise in Suffolk and recently developed a successful ‘express’ examination course for excluded students.

He is currently working in partnership with the second largest UK retail co-operative to extend his work across the north of England.

John continues occasionally to supply teach to inform and ground his training. This permits him to experiment and share new ideas with teaching colleagues. He is passionate about co-operative values, which remain at the core of his ideas and delivery.

John is a founder member of CLADA

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